Varsity teacher knocks Buhari for breaching federal character with lopsided appointments.

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Varsity teacher knocks Buhari for breaching federal character with lopsided appointments.

Professor Peter Arinze has criticised President Muhammadu Buhari over his lopsided appointments, which he said do not respect the principle of federal character.

  Arinze, a senior lecturer in the Department of Business Management, University of Jos, condemned the president for jettisoning a system recognised by the country’s constitution.

  To buttress his assertion, the don argued that the president’s appointments were skewed in favour of a particular ethnic nationality, adding that no ethnic group should be regarded as superior to another.

  “We should have a president of all Nigerians. The president should not be for a section of Nigeria regardless of where he got the majority votes. He must be the president of all Nigerians, whether they are Muslims, Christians or minorities. His attitude, actions and promotions should not be one-sided. He should follow the federal character as contained in the constitution.

  “When the president does not follow federal character in appointments and promotions, many people would be isolated and would not accept the president as their own. The result would be pitting of region against region or against the central government in the competition for the lion’s share of the nation’s economic pie,” he said.

  Arinze implored Buhari to focus his actions on what he would like to be remembered for when he is no more, just like South Africa’s Nelson Mandela who was the president of all South Africans.

  “He (Mandela) has gone, but his birthday was declared a public holiday in South Africa. Many people from Britain and the United States of America come to deliver his birthday lectures. Mandela had the opportunity to be president of South Africa for life, but he served for one term. He declined a second tenure when the pressure was mounted on him.

  “Despite that, he was imprisoned by the apartheid government, he never revenged those who sent him to prison. He is a legend,” he pointed out.