Probe of rights abuses in Nigeria to end soon, ICC assures.

rights abuses in Nigeria

Probe of rights abuses in Nigeria to end soon, ICC assures.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has said its investigation of human rights violation in Nigeria would end soon.

  It stated that investigators would in no time submit their findings on the inquiries initiated against the country over alleged gross abuse of citizens’ rights.

  ICC prosecutor, Dr Fatou Bensouda, made the disclosure yesterday during a conversation with the Executive Director of the International Bar Association (IBA), Mark Ellis, at the ongoing yearly conference of the lawyers’ body in Rome, Italy.

  A former Attorney General and Minister of Justice of The Gambia, Bensouda said her team of investigators was going underground on preliminary examination of the Nigerian situation.

  She said: “My team is going underground on preliminary examination collecting information, talking with government officials and others and not just the authorities themselves. The preliminary examination in Nigeria has advanced a lot. It is moving and progressing very well. Hopefully, very soon, we will come to the final determination of that investigation.”

   The Gambian also dismissed the criticisms by African Union (AU) that ICC was mainly focusing on the continent.

   “We have to look at the way in which cases in Africa got to the ICC. Most of them were referred to the court by the states themselves asking it to intervene. Unfortunately, while this was happening, there was a lot of propaganda to create the perception that ICC is only focusing on Africa,” she pointed out.

   According to her, while those cases were ongoing, there were preliminary investigations on other countries outside Africa such as Colombia, the United Kingdom, Iraq, Palestine, and Georgia.

   The court, she said, was doing a lot, regretting the stereotype by African leaders.