NUJ Partners Technology Firms To Check Fake News

NUJ partners technology firms

NUJ Partners Technology Firms To Check Fake News

· Google, Facebook adopt code of conduct to curb menace

NUJ Partners Technology Firms To Check Fake News – President of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Abdulwaheed Odunsile, has said the union is partnering with technology companies to curb the use of social media to broadcast fake news.

  Besides, he insisted that the union would continue to picket media outfits, which fail to pay their workers salaries.

 Odunsile who disclosed this in Kano, decried activities of social media handlers who claim to be practicing journalists but are using their various platforms to mislead unsuspecting members of the public.

  He was in Kano to seek support of delegates for his re-election bid ahead of delegates’ conference holding in Ogun State next month.

  “Sanitizing the social media has not been easy. We are in talks with owners and proprietors of online publications with a view to bringing them under the NUJ umbrella.

  This is being done so that they will operate in line with international journalistic standards. We hope to convoke a constitutional conference to brainstorm on how a bigger platform will be established to accommodate everybody,” he said.

  Meanwhile, as countries strive to tackle fake news, especially during electioneering campaigns, Google and Facebook yesterday agreed on a code of conduct to combat online misinformation.
A few months to Nigeria and European elections, the European Commission, European Union (EU’s) executive arm, had earlier called for the withdrawal of advertising revenues from disseminators of ‘fake news.’

  The companies agreed that sources of adverts should be clearly labeled and also agreed to closer scrutiny of adverts content disseminated on social media platforms.
A report by AFP showed that the technology giants will also track the misuse of automated bots to distribute fake news and expand possibility for users to lodge complaints about suspect posts.
EU’s Digital Economy Commissioner, Mariya Gabriel, said the commitment was a step in the right direction, but also called for further efforts by Silicon Valley giants.