Nigeria’s democracy is anti-people, says Prof. Wale Omole.

    Nigerias Democracy anti people

    Nigeria’s democracy is anti-people, says Prof. Wale Omole.

    Chairman, Editorial Board of The Guardian newspaper, Professor Wale Omole has said Nigeria’s government, which was supposed to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people, is against the masses interest and political progress.

      He made the assertion at the weekend during the 40th-anniversary symposium of All Saint’s Anglican Church in Lagos.

      Speaking with newsmen, he stated that “rather than being the government of the people, by the people and for the people, the democracy we have now is against the people.”

      While encouraging Christians to be politically active, he, however, warned them of the danger of identifying with the wrong political parties, adding: “As Christians, you have to make sure that the person you are supporting has solid character and commitment.”

      Meanwhile, Lanre Ogunlesi, who presented a paper on The Church As A Facilitator In National Transformation: Setting The Agenda For Law, Polity & Economy, stated that the Church in Nigeria should be more relevant in addressing the country’s challenges by getting involved in politics.

      Ogunlesi argued that the Church was disconnected from the reality of governance through its failure to get actively involved in politics so as to be able to influence policies that address corruption, youth restiveness and oppression, as some of the ills it preaches against.

      During a panel discussion, Mrs. Ronke Omame, who noted that the Church has become reactive instead of being proactive in societal issues, urged Christian leaders to change the trend.

      “The Church needs to be proactive rather than reactive and that is why we have the Holy Spirit. He will teach us all things. The Church has failed us and we need to lead by example,” she said.

      Another panel discussant, Venerable Kelvin Tope-Tapere, insisted that the Church remained the hope of the nation, stressing the need for Christians to strive to reflect humility, modesty and righteousness in their daily lives for others to emulate.