Nigeria recorded fewer casualties in Mecca.

Nigeria recorded fewer casualties in Mecca

Nigeria Recorded Fewer Casualties In Mecca.

Nigeria recorded fewer casualties in Mecca. Chairman of Zamfara State Hajj Commission, Alhaji Abubakar Dambo, has explained why the rate of fatalities dropped significantly in this year’s hajj.

  Nigeria lost no fewer than 54 pilgrims in a stampede in September 2015 while observing the hajj. The tragedy was the deadliest to hit the hajj in 25 years, as about 770 pilgrims died, more than 200 believed to be Africans.

  The pilgrims were taking part in the hajj’s last major rite – throwing stones at pillars called Jamarat, where Satan is believed to have tempted Prophet Ibrahim.

  It was learned that about 55,000 Nigerian pilgrims that performed this year’s hajj rites had unimpeded access to the Jamarat due to massive infrastructural improvement at the site.

  Dambo, who confirmed that five pilgrims, including three councils chairmen of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from Zamfara, and 11 other lost their lives this year, was full of praises for the Saudi authorities for the improvement at the site.

  Said he: “Naturally this sort of calamity comes from Allah. But I believe the reason behind the low casualty being recorded subsequently after the disaster four years ago is the steadfastness of the Saudi authorities.”