Audu promises peace, development if elected Kogi Governor.

Prof. Aisha Audu

Audu promises peace, development if elected Kogi Governor.

Prof. Aisha Audu, the candidate of the Young Progressive Party (YPP) in the Nov. 16 governorship election in Kogi, has promised to rebuild and restore peace in the state if elected governor.

Audu made the promise in Abuja while addressing women, seeking support for the Kogi governorship race at a meeting organized by the National Council of Women Societies (NCWS).

Audu, a former first lady of the state, said that she was in the race to ensure proper development of Kogi.

“I cry for Kogi today because we are not in peace at all, we are not settled.

“I believe that as a mother, I will not continue to watch my children being murdered.

”Our youths need to do better, we will send them for scholarships and send them to the naval base already built in Kogi.

”I am committing myself to the development of Kogi that is why I have put myself forward to serve and better the lives of Kogi people,” she said.

National President, NCWS, Dr. Gloria Shoda, lamented the low gender rating status of Nigeria.

”Over the years, we have not been happy with the fact that Nigeria is one of the lowest rankings in the gender gap index in politics and governance in Africa and the rest of the world.

The breakdown shows that we still have no female governors in the country.

”For the entire election, 2,970 female contestants vied for different posts, but only 62 won their elections overall.

”NCWS believes that we should not wait for the next election cycles in 2023 before we take a public stand to say we will support female candidates across party lines,” she said.

Shoda said that NCWS solicited gender equality and women empowerment, adding rallying support for female politicians irrespective of the party was fulfilling the council’s mandate.

Shoda also urges the media to see themselves as stakeholders in the democratic project in Nigeria and to stay true to the cause of all politicians.