Akwa Ibom government alleges plot by opposition to incite crisis.

akwa ibom government challenge opposition

Akwa Ibom government alleges plot by opposition to incite crisis.

The Alwa Ibom State government says it has uncovered plans by the opposition to incite crisis in the state by dumping refuse in various places within Uyo metropolis.

    Chairman, Akwa Ibom State Environmental Protection and Waste Management Agency (AKSEPWMA), Akpan Ikim, disclosed this while addressing journalists in Uyo yesterday.

  He said the plot to instigate street protests against the government’s efforts to keep the state clean.

  According to him, the plot also includes keeping some destitutes at strategic locations across the city to portray the city as being dirty.

  “It is therefore very sad that certain individuals within the state, for unfounded reasons, are neck-deep in plots to foment crisis in the subsector.

  “This is based on intelligence report at our disposal. These unscrupulous elements are bent on deliberately dumping refuse at illegal corners within the Uyo metropolis to sabotage our efforts and eventually carry out street protests against the agency,” he said.

  Ikim further disclosed that there are plans to use the street protest, to cause a breach of the peace by burning cars and property of innocent citizens.

  The whole essence, according to the report, is to create an impression that the state is unsafe.

  “This information is to serve as a wakeup call to our security agencies to contain these elements and their sponsors that are already known.

  The chairman stressed that the grand design is to paint the areas as unsafe to hold the upcoming general elections.

  He alleged that the agency has uncovered some of such illegal dump points in the Ewet Housing estate, which the opposition created to actualize their plan.

    Ikim explained: “The agency has 158 legal dumping points across the metropolis, but now, they have constituted 17 illegal points in places like Maitama in Ewet Housing where we don’t have dump points. They have taken pictures of these illegal points to Delta State, where they are printing flexes.

  “Every other detail would be given to the security agencies, and the people who are hatching these plans will be aware that their plans have been exposed.”

  The chairman stressed that the whole idea is to rubbish the image of the state as the cleanest city in the country by both national and international bodies.