ACF Blames Nation’s Woes On Bad Leadership

Bad leadership

ACF Blames Nation’s Woes On Bad Leadership

ACF Blames Nation’s Woes On Bad Leadership – The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) blamed the nation’s woes, after 58 years of Independence, on corruption, insecurity, and poor leadership.

The northern group said that the First Republic leaders laid a solid foundation for the nation’s development and growth, but expressed regret that the crops of leaders after them plunged Nigeria into the present woes.

In a statement, the National Publicity Secretary of ACF, Alhaji Mohammad Ibrahim Biu, said: “The journey over the years, considering our diversity and complexity, has been full of challenges in the areas of national security, peaceful coexistence, political and economic development.

“Our founding fathers laid a good foundation for a prosperous Nigeria. However, the instability we have had in our polity, especially the military coups and the 30 months of civil war, as well as the insecurity posed by insurgency, the herdsmen saga, and kidnapping have tended to affect and distort our political and socioeconomic development as a nation.”

The Arewa leaders lamented that “At 58, Nigeria is yet to realize its full potential and deliver on the aspirations and expectations of its citizens.”

However, they said, “We have been able to sustain the unity and stability of the country despite the upheavals experienced.

 “We have also recorded and witnessed some progress in many areas that include education, infrastructural development, economy, and relative political stability.”

 The ACF argued that “Our 19 years of a continued presidential system of democracy has placed Nigeria as one of the developing economies with high potential for greatness. The current challenges are part of the processes of nation-building.

“They require the cooperation and support of all Nigerians in order to pave the way for a united, peaceful and prosperous nation. We should not allow the temporary challenges to redefine our collective destiny or set our national agenda”.